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Ripio Credit Network
token ethereum
Marketcap: $672,895

RCN is an open-source global peer-to-peer credit network that connects lenders, borrowers and loan originators on the blockchain to create frictionless, transparent and borderless debt markets.

Ripio Credit Network (RCN) is a global peer-to-peer credit network based on cosigned smart contracts that facilitates connections between lenders and borrowers across the world, on any currency. It enables people across the globe to access credit, and to provide loans. The RCN token is a typical ERC-20 token. This protocol has the smart contract technology embedded into the Ethereum blockchain which facilitates peer-to-peer lending without the hefty transaction fees that are charged in traditional banking processes. The RCN token functions at the core of the system. The inherent value of the token is directly correlated to the demand for its use in the network.

Based in Argentina...

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530,848,856 RCN

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999,943,000 RCN



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