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Era Swap Token
token ethereum
Marketcap: $11,989,747
"Era Swap Token (ES) (a decentralized utility token) currently based on Ethereum blockchain (ERC20) will be used on multiple platforms for exchange of services (P2P), avail discounts, get rewards and many more utility. Era Swap (ES) is an ER20 token which is supported by Era Swap Ecosystem. ES can be used within this ecosystem for discounts and rewards to users. Era Swap Ecosystem (ESE) consists of multiple utility platforms for day to day life such as P2P Social Marketplace, Education, Charity, Prediction, Multi Exchange Solution, P2P Lend & Borrow, Decentralized Wallet, Affiliate Program, Token Vesting, Merchants & Shoppers etc. Please refer white paper for detailed road map
The utility of ES comes because of ease of access and smart contract driven reward distribution for transparency. Further these rewards can be redeemed back by the users within the ecosystem. Era Swap Ecosystem includes multiple interlinked platforms as be...

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