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DeepOnion is an anonymous blockchain closely integrated with The Onion Router network, which is a free software that allows anonymous communications for its users. TOR increases the amount of privacy for cryptocurrency users and reduces the possibilities of being attacked or hacked by other illegal or legal entities. With the help of DeepOnion, you can easily receive and send ONIONs (the cryptocurrency of the DeepOnion blockchain) over the TOR network. The blockchain ensures anonymity and can also be used to receive or send personal transactions with the help if Deepcoin wallet. DeepOnion has just one major goal, that is, to protect the privacy and identity of the users by making a payment platform that is secure, scalable, instantaneous, untraceable, and anonymous.

The DeepOnion coin was launched in July 2017. Its 40 rounds of airdrops, where the coins were distributed for free, helped the currency to get recognized in the market. DeepOnion has also established its partners...

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