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WaykiChain is an technology company focused on the development and operation of blockchain technology.

WaykiChain is a blockchain-based gambling platform that supports Turing devices. Other highlights include the fact that it makes use of a DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake) consensus mechanism, that it generates a new block every ten seconds, and that it uses eleven voting nodes. According to the team behind the Hong Kong-based project, the network is also capable of handling 1000+ transactions per second. The platform’s main goal is to offer users a stable and secure gambling environment.

WaykiChain uses a DPoS consensus mechanism with eleven accounting nodes. The annual rate of return is 5% for the first year, with a 1% increase with every year that goes by. Each time a block is created, an accounting node is randomly associated. The accounting node gains all of the transaction fees in its accounting block. Users can earn interest by locking...

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