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Ferrum Network
token ethereum
Marketcap: $95,241,516

Ferrum Network allows you to take control of your money with a vertically integrated line of DeFi applications, providing a simple and secure means of moving assets between Ethereum network and Binance Chain and is used by thousands of users and multiple projects.

Ferrum is a DAG-based interoperability network that connects to any blockchain and works natively with fiat currencies. It’s like the Lightning Network but for every blockchain. The advanced financial products that run on the network - like our West African fiat gateway (Kudi Exchange) and non-custodial cross-chain OTC wallet (UniFyre Wallet) - aim to empower millions of people around the world. Our network and products are powered by the FRM token, which is spent and burned with every transaction. And coming in later 2020, a high-speed cross chain DEX and mobile cold store application.

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