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token binance-smart-chain
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Evai uses AI and machine learning to produce crypto ratings.

The ratings provide short-term trading ratings, while an upcoming upgrade will identify long-term underlying value for each cryptoasset.

The EV asset is a utility token on BSC, which rewards holders via an innovative 5% tax, built into the tokenomics via smart contract, triggered anytime the token is bought or sold. The 5% tax is reflected back to the project, split into five key areas: 1% marketing, 1% rewards to all EV holders proportionate to holding, 1% development, 1% token burn, 1% to liquidity pools which supports the project up until token goes live on centralised exchanges, at which time the tax will cease.

Advanced level access to the Evai ratings will begin in Q2 2022 for $49 per month. Users will enjoy access to ratings on all leading assets and a range of other innovative features for up to half price when paid for in EV.

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