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token binance-smart-chain
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SpottR is an end to end hyper personalized marketplace that makes product discovery easy so that any one, no matter where they are, and what they do, can find what they want and get it delivered to them within minutes of thinking about it.

SpottR uses intuitive API policies and proprietary algorithms to onboard ecosystem players so that no demand or supply query is left unattended; whether it's finding what's happening in town, knowing what restaurant to eat at or even finding a truck load of potatoes directly from the farm for the restaurateur, SpottR simply simplifies the search process so that no one ever feels lost in a city, again.

CLIQ token is SpottRs native currency and its primary goal is to make it easy for everyone to afford to make a purchase on the SpottR ecosystem. Our proprietary technology allows users to make purchases using crypto or fiat while settling the merchant in the default product listing currency. This feature has been touted by the lege...

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