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Raven Protocol
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Raven Protocol's specific use case is to perform AI training where speed is the key. We're taking a 1M image dataset that takes 2-3 weeks to train on AWS down to 2-3 hours on Raven. AI companies will be able to train models better and faster.

Raven Protocol is creating a self-sustaining and dynamic ecosystem for:

Customers who want to train their AI engines; and/or
Contributors who would like to share their compute resources in the form of Computers, Smartphones, or even a server rack.
Raven Tokens (RAVEN) will work as the common ground to facilitate a secure transaction that will take place inside our ecosystem. Enterprise clients who want to rent compute power will do so with RAVEN and contributors of the compute power will be rewarded in RAVEN.

Raven is creating a network of compute nodes that utilize idle compute power for the purposes of AI training where speed is the key. A native token is the key to bootstrapping a nascent network.

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