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Grounded in sound technology, Phore is composed of a decentralized blockchain, a network of masternodes, a self-governance system, and several other innovative technologies. In addition to hosting a decentralized marketplace, Phore offers crowdfunding, public and private blockchain services, decentralized applications, all with the help of its utility token, PHR.

Phore is a new name in the cryptocurrency market. In fact, it did not have an ICO or pre-sale mining. However, the company has a well-stipulated roadmap for the future. Its most recent progress was the integration of the Phore Blockchain into the marketplace. One of the milestones for 2018 is the activation of Segregated Witness. Phore started out as KryptKoin back in 2014. KryptKoin’s lead developer had to stop the project due to a serious disease. The demise of KryptKoin was followed by the creation of Phore in 2017.

Phore’s blockchain system operates on the Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol for the ...

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