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iMe is a Smart Messaging Platform with DeFi tools and AI. It is a Smart platform with the Telegram-based messenger, Crypto Wallet, and DeFi tools.

The central idea behind the project is the empowerment of Telegram users through the functions of DeFi, letting people manage cryptocurrencies easily in a user-friendly and secure interface. In our app, we are connecting mainstream and crypto communities!

iMe is developed on Telegram’s API. It offers all of Telegram’s features + exciting new tools and settings: Crypto Wallet with DEXs, possibility to buy crypto with a card (through

partnership with Simplex), Built-in Google translator in chats, Functional cloud with albums, Neurobots, Advanced folder functions, Voice messages to text,many more.

iMe Smart Platform is an evolving ecosystem and has many ways to extend the boundaries of its functionality. iMe team plans to expand the iMe ecosystem in the next six months and f...

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