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Hush is the first cryptocurrency offering zkSNARK (upstream Zcash 1.0.13 build), TLS (secure nodes), TOR nodes and bitcore making it the most secure and advanced privacy coin ever created! Hush aims to provide protection by anonymizing this metadata at a protocol level ultimately protecting even the most novice user with this built-in privacy backbone. Launched on November 21, 2016, Hush is a token, secure messaging platform, and fork of the Zcash 1.0.9 codebase. As its own unique blockchain network, HUSH acts as not only a store of value but a medium of exchange for using the secure messaging platform. This “messaging” function is also the mechanism for sending and receiving transactions.

Built within Hush is HushList, a customized secure protocol and private messenger which allows you a contact list of infinite receivers. HushList receivers must always be zaddrs (therefore anonymous). The user can opt to send from a taddr pseudonymous address. Your Hush contacts are stored...

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