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Crypto Contest Qredo

Crypto Contest Qredo
Contest is now over, winners can now claim their prizes.
From Mar 22 @ 11:00 PM to Apr 6 @ 10:00 PM

250.000 XCB in Prizes & NFTs for Everyone who Participates

Participate for +$3,000 in prizes (at current price), prizes for the 25 best portfolios, special prizes, and prizes in NFTs.

🥇 100.000 XCB + NFT Level 4

🥈 50.000 XCB + NFT Level 3

🥉 25.000 XCB + NFT Level 3

🏅 Places 4 to 10: 5.000 XCB + NFT Level 3 each

🏅 Places 11 to 25: 2.000 XCB + NFT Level 2 each

🏵 Everyone who participates NFT Level 1

Special Prizes

🎖 Best portfolio 1st 48hs 5,000 XCB + NFT Level 2

🎖 Best portfolio 1st week 5,000 XCB + NFT Level 2

x2 Prizes For XCB Holders

If you have 5.000 XCB or more in your wallet during the Crypto Contest Qredo and you win a prize, you double your prize!

How to enter:

Login into Crypto Birds Platform, create a virtual portfolio for the contest by choosing your favorite cryptocurrencies and connect your wallet from the dashboard to be able to claim prizes and NFTs. It's free and you don't need to invest.

⛔️ Only one entry per person is allowed, people who participate multiple times will be disqualified.

About Qredo

Build the digital asset economy of the future.


About XCB

XCB is a BEP20 token that powered the Crypto Birds ecosystem.

👉 Trade XCB on PancakeSwap & Stake XCB with Hi APR on SuperLauncher

👉 Crypto Birds NFT Collection on Open Sea

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