Crypto Birds Platform

An incentivised collaborative platform that analyses ICO projects with transparency and good practices as its core objectives, at all times.

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A place where all ICO and blockchain products that really matter can be found, community-created analysis, quick files where to find all the information at a glance, collaborative market predictions*, tools to filter and organise according to categories, community indicators and much more.

* Collaborative market predictions made within the game or contest proposed by the platform to users (so that they can prove who knows more about the ICO, and obtain reward points in exchange).

As an active user you will be able to, amongst other things, analyse and score ICOs, forecast*, alert of any signs of bad practices and to participate in competitions and promotions. For any activity carried out you may receive XCB Tokens.

* Collaborative market predictions made within the game or contest proposed by the platform to users (so that they can prove who knows more about the ICO, and obtain reward points in exchange).

As a passive user you will be able to access for free all the information created by our community and to use our ICO classification tools, where, thanks to our collaborative indicators “Forecast” and “Bird Power”, you will be able to easily select the most interesting projects.


As an ICO project team, you will be able to promote your ICO fairly, through forecast competitions, whitepapers tests and raffling XCB Tokens amongst our users. You will also be able to inform about your project in a non-invasive fashion.

The problem:

  • Tens of ICOs monthly
  • About thirty ICO selection websites
  • ICO selection by the staff or after prior payment
  • Several and poor ways of ordering and filtering
  • Lack of quick indicators for screening
  • Several manipulation dangers, hidden pools, ICO scam, phishing, etc.

The solution:

  • "Crowd-analysing" era! - All ICOs with transparent analysis
  • Forecast & Bird Power! - Community-created indicators
  • Incentives - Gamification - The more contributions more reward points you will earn, redeemable for "XCB" Token ERC20 at 95% discount
  • Optimised ordering and filtering tools
  • Social element - following, remarks, feedback, portfolios, etc.

Forecast and Bird Power indicators

The Forecast and Bird Power indicators manage to achieve high efficiency when classifying and selecting ICOs. They are simple but effective indicators created by the community and perfected by our hybrid intelligence and gamification. They work as a way to assess projects before they reach the market.



This indicator is built on users' collaborative predictions as part of the game or contest proposed by the platform, so that they can demonstrate who knows more about the ICO and obtain reward points in exchange. Users will comment on the value of the token at one day, one week, one month and one year after launch. To participate, for each prediction you make you need to have a specific number of XCB Tokens frozen for two weeks. The users whose predictions are closer, will receive greater rewards.

Passive users can delegate their participation in forecasts to active users with good forecasting skills.

Bird Power

Bird Power

This swinging indicator (from 0 to 100) is built on the average of scores given by users on different aspects of the project, such as the idea, team, project presentation, risk and expectation. Each user will influence differently on this indicator, depending on his internal weight.

Activity delegation

By keeping XCB Tokens in your account you can delegate your participation in the platform to an active user, potentially obtaining additional tokens without directly intervening.


What you are going to visit next is a public demonstration of what we want our final platform to be. Some of the sections you will see appear with the word “DEMO” overlayed, in these cases the data is fictitious, all other content is accurate information.

Crypto Birds Platform will be the first collaborative web of scores and market predictions of ICOs in the world. It will be the community, not the staff of a Web, who decides where the good investment opportunities are.

We will achieve this thanks to our XCB token, obtainable by those who add value to the platform and that will be necessary to access certain services in the platform.

Whitepaper (old)

Crypto Birds ICO

Crypto Birds will soon launch a pioneering ICO in Spain, for which it will have the legal advice of Pinsent Masons, an international legal firm with a marked technological character.

Always with the objective of protecting the investor, Crypto Birds' ICO will comply with the legal framework in Spain, and with the recommendations and criteria published for the first time by the CNMV in relation to this type of emissions.

Consequently, the launch of the ICO and the Whitepaper in which all the information on it will be collected, will be reviewed and validated by an entity authorized to provide investment services, the EAFI of José María Manzanares, as required by the CNMV.

Crypto Birds' ICO will be an open ICO in which anyone can participate. The XCB token will be sold in order to finance our project.

You can download our Whitepaper to read all the detailed information.

XCB Token

The XCB Token will be a standard ERC20 token from the Ethereum network.

Pre-sale metrics (Pre ICO)

The Pre ICO period will last 5 weeks.

Soft Cap: 200.000 €

Hard Cap: 750.000 €

Bonus according to contribution:

ContributionDiscount over ICO price
100€ to 1.199€20%
1.200€ to 5.999€30%
6.000€ to 11.999€35%
12.000€ to 29.999€40%
30.000€ and above50%

Sale metrics (ICO)

The ICO period will last 3 weeks.

Soft Cap: 1M € (Pre ICO + ICO)

Hard Cap: 5M € (Pre ICO + ICO, if all was collected during the Pre ICO, the ICO Hard Cap will be 4,250,000 €)

Bonus by time:

15%first 48 hours
10%from day 3 to day 5
5%from day 5 to day 7
0%last 2 weeks

Vesting periods (time till tokens are transferred)

The generation and delivery of tokens will be done one month after the end of the ICO. After issuance, tokens will be blocked via Smart Contract until the vesting period indicated below expires:

Tokens issued in Pre ICO

50%6 months
40%5 months
35%4.5 months
30%4 months
20%3 months

Tokens issued in ICO

15%1 month
10%15 days
5%No vesting
0%No vesting

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