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What is Crypto Birds?

Crypto Birds is a collaborative information resource that has been in operation for many years with the goal of informing about technology and blockchain investments via its podcast, the most heard podcast in Spanish, and via its Telegram channels and groups, also amongst the longest running in Spanish. We have shared opinions and information about investments with thousands of people on a regular basis. We also offer international information groups.

Who are we?

Crypto Birds Platform has a multidisciplinary team, well renown amongst the Spanish-speaking Blockchain community, with a lot of experience in the analysis and dissemination of information in the blockchain ecosystem and the ICO market. Moreover, in order to create Crypto Birds Platform, our team has taken onboard top-level profiles from across the globe as well as advisors with a lot of experience in the Blockchain world. Please visit the Team section to get to know us better.

Where can I find the Crypto Birds' products created until now?

After a year and a half of work, in May 2019 Crypto Birds launched the first STO in Spain, you can see all the information in Origen . Currently Crypto Birds' best known product is its Podcast. You can also visit our main community in Telegram, the ICO Investors Spanish channel.


What is an MVP?

MVP is the acronym for Minimum Viable Product, It is a technological demo, already in operation, that shares the Look & Feel of what our final product will be and helps us get an idea of what it will be like.

Where can I find the MVP?

The MVP of the platform was available during the funding period of the project, it is currently offline as we work to improve it.

What is Crypto Birds Platform?

Crypto Birds Platform is an on-going development and incentivised platform where we can come together to find, organise and simplify all relevant information needed by users/investors in order to better analyse the opportunities offered by the cryptocurrencies, tokens and ICOs market, a constantly-changing and rapid-growth environment. One of our main objectives is to discover and eradicate bad practices thanks to collaborative power.

Why do I need Crytpo Birds Platform?

The blockchain phenomenon is unstoppable and revolutionary, the democratisation of investments has come to stay. Thanks to the tokenization of digital assets exposed freely in the market and financing methods such as ICOs/IEOs, backed by blockchain technology, anyone anywhere can invest in projects at an early stage without the need for large capital. However, this emerging sector faces many barriers, such as bad practices, the lack of transparency in many projects or the huge amount of information to process before investing due to the large amount of projects already on the market and those that are organizing ICOs. That is why we are creating Crypto Birds Platform, a collaborative platform where users will be incentivised to generate the necessary information to help potential blockchain investors overcome those obstacles.

Will Crypto Birds Platform become a DAO?

No. Although there will be multiple autonomous mechanisms in it, Crypto Birds Platform will oversee the correct operation of the platform. Changes or adjustments to the platform's mechanisms may be implemented to avoid misuse and to correct problems. As time goes by and the project matures, those actions will be less needed and the platform will operate more autonomously.

Will Crypto Birds Platform work on Blockchain?

Not directly. Crypto Birds will be a platform hosted on centralised servers. But it will indirectly work with Blockchain given that by collaborating with the platform, users will receive XCB tokens in the reference blockchain, currently Ethereum. On the one hand, users will be able to freeze their own XCB tokens for a limited period of time in order to access several services, on the other, users’ contributions will earn them reward points which are redeemable for XCB tokens with a 95% discount.

What is the XCB Token?

XCB is the Crypto Birds Platform's token. This token will be hosted in a blockchain that allows us to operate, currently Ethereum.

Why does Cripto Birds Platform need a Token?

Because we need a vehicle with which to quantify the value provided by users to the platform. Only then will we be able to generate a circular economy for value exchange that incentivises the participation of users and transforms Crypto Birds Platform into the information and decentralised analysis platform that the market needs.

How can I get XCB Token?

Currently it is not possible to purchase the XCB token. Subscribe to our newlsetter or follow us on social networks to know when it will be available.

How can I generate value in Crytpo Birds Platform to obtain XCB?

By entering new data, assessing others' data, carrying out market forecasts as part of the game or contest proposed by the platform and other activities, that will make you eligible to receive interchangeable reward points for XCB Token with a 95% discount.

How does it work and what can I use the XCB Token for?

The XCB token will have several uses. You will need it to access several services, sometimes as payment, others as a loan (they will be frozen). As a user, you will for instance be able to use token to participate in our forecasts, as well as in contests, events and promotions. As a company, you will be able to carry out promotional actions on the platform, as long as they are transparent and useful. In addition, users that generate value in the platform will have access to the token with a 95% discount.

What are forecasts?

With forecasts, users try to predict the price that the cryptocurrency or token will have for the projects that enter our weekly tops. Those forecasts will always be made as part of the platform’s game or contest. Users who come closest to the real price will receive greater interchangeable reward points for XCB Token with a 95% discount. With all these data, we will configure our Forecast collaborative indicator.

Can I delegate my capacity to make a forecast?

Of course. If you wish to participate in the forecast but cannot devote the necessary time there will be a list of users to whom you can delegate your forecast. Those users will have previously set an interest rate percentage for making that forecast on their profile. Thus, there will be the option to obtain passive returns in the form of reward points through the delegation of XCB tokens for forecast.

Is there a minimum of tokens needed to make a forecast?

Yes, for every forecast you make, you need a set amount of tokens. Those tokens will be frozen for a while once you have made the forecast and they will be at the disposal of the user once the freezing period has elapsed. Tokens are not used up when making a forecast.

Can XCB tokens be used for anything else in the platform?

We are looking into the possibility of giving XCB tokens more uses in the platform. Those functionalities will be announced when they are ready.

How will Crypto Birds Platform guarantee the neutrality of the platform's information?

Only platform users will be able to interact with the information provided in Crypto Birds Platform, providing analysis, forecasts, alerts, (information) data, and so on. All that information will have greater relevance the more experience the user has. At the same time, the Crypto Birds' team and moderators will sign a non-interference commitment so that, if it is necessary to intervene, neutrality is guaranteed in all actions. Crypto Birds Platform will under no circumstances accept payment or be pressured by project teams whose objective is to change or censor other users' assessments or comments, and they will only be able to promote themselves following transparent mechanisms that Crypto Birds may put at their disposal.

Will Crypto Birds Platform be one more forecasting market?

No. Crypto Birds Platform is not a forecasting market. We are a collaborative community for blockchain projects investors. We do not have the motivations, structure, goals or business models of a forecasting market. Our goal is for the platform's users and visitors to have access to better quality information on the blockchain projects' investors scenario and to generate, thanks to their assessments and opinions, a potential future scenario, and all of this for free.

Will Crypto Birds Platform be a signal provider?

No. Crypto Birds Platform is not a signal provider, it is a free information provider that has been collectively generated. This information can include opinion from different people on potential future scenarios (for instance, its forecast contests), but under no circumstances does it recommend investments or bets on future valuation scenarios beyond what is included in those opinions.

Will I have to pay any fee to Crypto Brids Platform in order to have access to the platform's information?

No, access to information on the platform will be totally free.

Will the Crypto Brids' team make forecasts?

The Crypto Birds' team safeguards the platform's good operation and lets users be the real protagonists of the results, therefore we will not make forecasts on the projects.

How can the platform prevent the introduction of incorrect or false data?

With a validation system made by the community's users. All the information entered into the platform will be checked by the remaining users, whose corrections will have greater or lesser value depending on their track record on the platform and their level in the internal weighing system.

What are the Bird Power and Forecast indicators used for?

The Forecast and Bird Power indicators help us achieve high efficiency when classifying and selecting blockchain projects. These indicators are simple but effective, they are created by the community and are perfected by our hybrid intelligence and gamification. They are used to asses projects before they enter the market.


How can I advertise my project in Crypto Birds Platform?

Crypto Birds Platform wants to remain totally neutral and we do not accept direct advertising from companies linked to ICOs, If you want to participate as a project in a promotion campaign, contact us and we will offer you the options available: Sponsored forecasts, whitepaper tests with prizes, podcast interviews and other (solutions) sections in which we are working on (registration in monthly TGE calendar, airdrops calendar and rewards, whitelist section available).

How can I advertise my company (non ICO) in Crypto Birds Platform

You can contact us to find out about the different options.

I am leading an ICO, how can I get it to appear on Crypto Birds Platform?

Just like any other user, you can create a new project file. But if you can demonstrate to the Crypto Birds' team that you are a member of the project, the file will add that the data comes from an official source. Obviously, the file can be nuanced by the users, as Crypto Birds does not give greater weight to some information over other in order to remain neutral, it only verifies the source of the data. The request for verifying a source will entail the payment of XCB tokens.

What type of services can Crypto Birds Platform offer my company?

Different campaigns can be created such as forecast contests, raffles, tests with rewards, and so on. Thanks to all the information collected, we will know what blokchain projects investors like the most and what you need to take into account and how to present your project in order to be successful. To obtain more information, please contact us.

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