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What is Crypto Birds?

Crypto Birds is a startup that was created to bring blockchain technology to people in a secure way. Crypto Birds has been working for years to inform about blockchain technology and investments through its podcast, one of the most listened to in Spanish, as well as its Telegram channels and groups, which are also one of the strongest and longest-lived in the Spanish-speaking world. We have shared analysis and information about blockchain projects and investments with thousands of people on a constant basis. Crypto Birds currently combines dissemination, teaching and blockchain consultancy work with the development of the "Crypto Birds Platform", now available at cryptobirds.com. See What is Crypto Birds Platform?

Who are we?

Crypto Birds has a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the blockchain sector. In addition, to create Crypto Birds Platform, we have expanded our team to include world-class profiles in technical, legal and security sectors, as well as advisors who possess extensive experience in the Blockchain sector. Be sure to visit our team section to learn more about our team members.

Where can I find the Crypto Birds' products created until now?

Crypto Birds has been broadcasting its specialised podcast since 2017; in 2019, and after working with the authorities for months, Crypto Birds launched the first regulated STO in Spain, you can see how it went in our Origins section. In the summer of 2020, Crypto Birds launched the blockchain graphic novel "Mr. Meta", see www.mistermeta.com. Since November 2020, Crypto Birds Platform is openly available on cryptobirds.com. You can follow the company's activities on Twitter, YouTube and Telegram.


What is Crypto Birds Platform?

Crypto Birds Platform is a freely accessible beta-phase web platform that provides users with information on more than 5000 blockchain projects. Every week, the platform scores the blockchain projects listed on the platform from 0 to 100 thanks to the BirdBrain rating algorithm. The aim of Crypto Birds is to be the international reference platform for rating blockchain projects, providing the general public with innovative analysis and information tools to minimise their exposure to the risks of today's complex blockchain ecosystem. Crypto Birds Platform users will be able to collaborate in data analysis, project rating, malpractice alerts and other functionalities while receiving in return the XCB incentive token and thus enhancing the collaborative power of the platform.

What does it mean that Crypto Birds Platform is in Beta?

It is a first functional version of the platform but, as such, it is likely to be unstable, although sufficiently useful. We are continuously working on improving it every few weeks, and during the Beta phase we will be live testing various functionalities until we reach a more stable version, with certain, more established functionalities. We will leave the beta phase behind when the BirdBrain algorithm has all the improvements introduced through AI technologies, we're expecting this to happen by the end of 2022.

What is BirdBrain?

This is the name of the algorithm that is responsible for rating all the blockchain projects listed on the Crypto Birds Platform. Every week, the algorithm analyses market, development and activity data on different social networks, and every Monday it scores from 0 to 100 the more than 5000 blockchain projects on the platform, see video. Both the algorithm and the platform are in their Beta phase. We are currently applying machine learning techniques and AI models with the aim of evolving the algorithm in newer versions.

Why do I need Crypto Birds Platform?

The blockchain phenomenon is unstoppable and revolutionary, the democratisation of investments is here to stay. Thanks to the tokenisation of digital assets freely exposed to the market, DeFi protocols that offer decentralised products similar to banking products and financing methods such as ICOs/IEOs/IDOs, anyone in the world can invest in projects without bureaucratic barriers or the need for large amounts of capital. However, this fledgling sector faces many different obstacles, such as bad practices, lack of transparency or the huge amount of information that must be processed before investing due to the large number of projects on the market. This is why we are creating Crypto Birds Platform, a platform where our BirdBrain algorithm and the active collaboration of users will help the potential blockchain investor to overcome all these problems, as well as anyone interested in learning how to find the best information about the different blockchain projects.

Will Crypto Birds Platform become a DAO?

No. There will be many autonomous mechanisms in the platform as well as a consultation section where users will be able to vote on different decisions at all levels, but Crypto Birds Platform team will always supervise the proper functioning of the platform. It is also possible that changes or adjustments will be made to the platform's mechanics to avoid any abuse or to correct any problems that may arise. The goal once the project matures is for these actions to be less and less necessary and for the platform itself to work in an increasingly autonomous way.

Will Crypto Birds Platform work on Blockchain?

Not directly, Crypto Birds is a platform hosted on centralised servers. But some Crypto Birds services already use the Ethereum blockchain to certify the data generated and to check the veracity of said data over time, such as weekly tops or portfolio contests. On the other hand, users will be able to interact with their XCB tokens on different mechanisms of the platform through smart contracts in the reference blockchain, currently Ethereum. On the one hand, users will be able to stake their own XCB tokens for a limited period of time to gain access to different services, on the other hand, users who contribute value to the platform will get reward points that will allow them to claim XCB tokens.

What is the XCB Token?

XCB is Crypto Birds Platform's token. This token will be hosted on a blockchain that will allow us to operate without large fees or barriers for the user.

Why does Cripto Birds Platform need a Token?

Because we need a vehicle with which to quantify the value that users contribute to the platform. Only in this way will we be able to generate a circular economy of value exchange that incentivises the participation of users and transforms Crypto Birds Platform into the information and rating platform for market projects that the blockchain ecosystem needs.

How can I get XCB Tokens?

It is currently not possible to purchase the XCB token. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media to find out when it will be available.

How can I generate value in the Crytpo Birds Platform to obtain XCB?

By participating in our contests, filling in data on project sheets, verifying project data, ...these and other actions will make you eligible to receive reward points exchangeable for XCB tokens.

How does it work and what can I use the XCB Token for?

The XCB token will have several uses: it will be needed to access different services, sometimes as a payment, sometimes as a stake (temporary freezing of funds). As a user you can, for example, use the token to participate in our special contests, events and promotions, as well as participate in future votes. We will enable liquidity mining mechanisms for advanced users, where tokens can be obtained by contributing liquidity to the DEX and participating in the platform. As a company, you will be able to carry out promotional actions on the platform, as long as they are transparent and useful. In addition, users who generate value on the platform will have access to the token as a reward.

What does the contest section of the platform consist of?

Users can access different types of contests in the Contests section of the platform. The main type of contest is the virtual portfolio contest, in which users choose a virtual portfolio of blockchain projects and those who earn the highest profit within a defined time frame get different prizes, such as XCB tokens, other cryptocurrencies or other products offered by different sponsors. The users who continuously obtain the best returns will earn more experience points and will level up. The aim of these contests is, on one hand, to feed data to the BirdBrain rating algorithm, and on the other hand, for users to share their ideal wallets. There are other types of fun competitions which aim to help create a community, such as crypto puzzles; every so often, a crypto puzzle will be made to be solved by the users, the first to solve it will receive a private key that gives access to a wallet with cryptocurrency inside as a prize.

Can I delegate my participation in contests?

Not at the moment, but in the future we will implement this option: if you want to participate in the portfolio contests but haven't got the time, there will be a list of users to whom you can delegate your participation to. These users will establishtheir take of the possible prize to be won in advance for delegating to their profile. This way, through delegation, you will have the possibility of passive returns in the form of reward points, which will be exchangeable for XCB and possible prizes.

How will Crypto Birds Platform guarantee the neutrality of the platform's information?

Only platform users will be able to contribute to the information provided on Crypto Birds Platform, providing analysis, comments, alerts, data, etc. This information will be of greater relevance the more experience the user who provides it has. Furthermore, the Crypto Birds team and the moderators sign a commitment of non-interventionso that, in the event that an intervention is necessary, neutrality is guaranteed in all actions. Crypto Birds Platform will under no circumstances accept payment or be pressured by project teams whose objective is to change or censor other users' assessments or comments, and they may only promote themselves by following the transparent procedures that Crypto Birds makes available to them.

How will the platform prevent the input of incorrect or false data?

With a validation system ran by the members of the community. All the information fed into the system can be checked by other users, whose corrections will have more or less value depending on their history on the platform and their level in an internal weighting system.

Will Crypto Birds Platform be a signal provider?

No, Crypto Birds Platform is not a signal provider, it is a provider of free information that has been generated by the BirdBrain algorithm and the users collectively. This information may include opinions from different people about possible future scenarios (e.g. in portfolio contests), but under no circumstances does it recommend investments or bets on future valuation scenarios beyond what is included in those opinions.

Will I have to pay anything to Crypto Birds Platform for access to the platform's information?

No, access to the information on the platform is and will be totally free.


How can I advertise my blockchain project on Crypto Birds Platform?

At Crypto Birds Platform we want to remain completely neutral, therefore we do not accept direct advertising from companies related to ICOs or tokens in the market. If, as a project, you want to participate in a promotional campaign, you can contact us and we will be able to offer you several options: promoted contests, podcast interview or other options we are currently working on.

How can I advertise my company (non ICO) in Crypto Birds Platform

You can contact us to find out about the different options.

How can I get my blockchain project to be in the platform's database?

You would have to contact us. In the future, we will be implementing the ability for any user to be able to create a new project file, also if the user can prove to the Crypto Birds team that they are part of the project, the team will note that the data comes from the official source. Of course, this information can be moderated by users, as Crypto Birds will not give more validity to one information over another in order to maintain its neutrality, it will only verify the origin of the data. The request for verification of an origin could involve a small payment in XCB tokens.

Can I use the data generated by Crypto Birds Platform in my software?

Yes, Crypto Birds Platform makes an API available to companies and users to obtain the data generated by the BirdBrain algorithm and some of the platform's other content, all through a subscription plan. We are working on developing this model, as well as increasing the data provided via API to provide as much value as possible. For more information please contact us.

What kind of services can Crypto Birds Platform offer my company?

From the platform, different promotional campaigns can be created through virtual portfolio contests, raffles, competitions with prizes... For more information please contact us on the contact form. As a company, we offer consulting and training services to companies and individuals. We also offer promotional opportunities on our social media, podcast and YouTube channel to interesting blockchain projects that add value to the ecosystem.

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